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Mom Finds Video of 17 Year Old Raping 9 Month Old Baby

Memphis, Tennessee – A mother was horrified after she found video on a cellphone of her 9-month old baby daughter being raped by a 17-year-old male.

The woman told police in October that her 9-month-old was molested after she found videos on a cell phone and identified the victim has her daughter.

The child’s mother reportedly found several sexually explicit videos of the incident on a cellphone. In one the suspect could reportedly be seen exposing and touching himself with the child, who was nude from the waist down, still in view.

The woman identified the man through the Facebook name “Zay.”

Investigators later determined “Zay” to be Isiah Hayes, the man in the videos.

Isiah Hayes, now, 19, recorded himself raping the 9-month old baby, when he was 17-years-old.

Hayes was arrested on Feb. 13 and admitted to raping the baby.

He is charged with aggravated rape of a child and especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

Hayes’ brother apologized for his brother’s behavior, yet gave an odd excuse as to why Hayes may have committed such a crime.  

  • “To hear this is heartbreaking and scary,” he said. “Us as a family, we apologize. I know that the child may not remember, but it’s something a mother is going to have to hold on to forever. Like, knowing that your child was exposed to something like that. You trusted your child with someone, and you have to deal with seeing this on your own,” he said.“He wasn’t mentally stable during that point in time. Like, I know his mind state. He was probably coerced for money, drugs and anything. He was being young and growing up in the hood, as they say,” said the suspect’s brother.

    “Well the first thing to understand here is the motivation is not always about sex. It’s about money, and it’s a $20 billion a year industry,” said Len Edwards, with COMEC, the Commission on Missing and Exploited Children.

The footage was filmed in Oct 2016, but is now coming back up due to a family feud, the brother said.

At this time, it’s unclear who the phone belonged to or how Hayes was able to gain access to the child.

His brother says Hayes is not the only person in the video. He believes that person should be held accountable too.

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