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Momma Dee is disrespectful! She created a obituary for Ce Ce and she’s NOT dead!

Momma Dee is petty and disrespectful! She created a Obituary for Ce Ce and she’s NOT dead! Momma Dee and Ce Ce ( Bambi’s mom) do not get along! We all saw how Bambi had to ban her mother and momma Dee during her pregnancy. The two couldn’t put their differences aside and was causing The Bam stress.

It’s clear things have not gotten better! Momma Dee recently created Ce Ce a whole obituary and she’s alive and well. How would you feel? Should the two just fight at this point? Lol I know there older but shit how much disrespect can a person take!

Momma Dee already kicked Ce Ce out her home and got her a cheap motel room! They argue none stop. They have no respect for each other or their children. How would you handle it? Nobody wants their mothers to fight or have to pick sides but enough is enough. I know scrappy’s tired of his moms bullshit!

After multiple interventions, Family meetings and still have not been able to at least co exist with each other in the same room! Praying for Scrappy and Bambi cause honey this so so damn ghetto! I don’t think the two can be cool after this! Comment below how you feel and tune in today to the DeAnna Kay show

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