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Mommy can WE pray with you… too?!?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog titled “Will you pray with Ear Kandy Radio?!?” It was in part because of the prayer life change that had taken place in my pastor Dr. R.A. Vernon, after his travels to Ghana. While he was in the great continent of Africa he encountered a new level in prayer. Or as he would say he “fell in love with prayer. And if you read the other blog you would know that I longed for a similar love affair with prayer.

So after a few weeks into a series my pastor is calling “Teach us how to pray” and a challenge to pray everyday at noon. That not only myself and the rest of the Word Church members accepted, but also my business counterparts here at Ear Kandy Radio including our CEO.  As well as several other business owners and people in corporate America.

Now that some time has passed since being in this new level of relationship with God through prayer, and my prayer life has grown tremendously! I mean I just can’t stop praying… it’s radical! I’m not just praying at noon, I’m also praying at the beginning of the day, and before bed. Even in the middle of the night while most people are sleeping, I’m up praying. In the car on the way to and from school or the grocery store or even on the way to church. I’m not playing y’all I can’t stop praying!!! And I love it!

My prayer life has elevated beyond what I expected to say the least. However the one thing that I really didn’t expect, was for my prayer life to fall on my babies. I know I know they watch everything that we do and say, but, kids don’t pray…

Well they have proved me wrong! My two oldest children left home to be with their dad this past weekend and they called me because they needed to pray. They said “ Mommy we didn’t want to go to sleep uncovered; So Mommy can we pray with you?!” Elated I called my youngest son in the room and we prayed!

It made my spirit leap with joy hearing my babies thanking God for all that he has done for them. That when it was my turn all I could say was Thank you Lord for this moment! I know it may not be a big deal to y’all, but for me it meant the world. My babies understand that God is real and the power of prayer.


If you won’t pray for your business or even for yourself, pray because your most important audience is watching… your children, our future. So I will ask for them…

Mommy/Daddy can we pray with you too?!?


Now, let us Pray! ??


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