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Monica Accused Of Wearing Fake Fendi In Verzuz Battle

UPDATED 9/3/2020: Monica’s designer responded to the allegations of the Fake Fendi! This was a custom outfit, but the original material came from a Fendi trench coat.

While everybody has been online debating about who sang better, who’s energy was better, who was dressed better, etc…in the Brandy V. Monica #Verzuz battle, Monica fans have been contacting Fendi to see why the outfit she was wearing is not on the Fendi site.

Monica could possibly be in hot water for wearing a Fendi replica. She was dressed in head to toe Fendi fashions, but Fendi has allegedly told one of the popular IG fashionistas they did not create her outfit.


It’s not a crime to wear replica or knock-off clothing, but since Monica was more than likely getting paid for the Verzuz battle, Fendi could possibly sue her (only if they chose to).

How do you guys feel about knock-off designer clothing?

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