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More Sex, Less Cancer?

Fellas this just might be the best news of the year. Can sex, masterbation reduce our odds of developing prostate cancer? Well research suggests that the more often men ejaculate, the less likely we are to have the disease. You know what that means guys, when the going gets tough, the tough gets pumping. In 2016 a study was done, researchers asked multiple men how often they ejaculated. Sex, masturbation, or wet dreams. The researchers then tracked over 31,000 of these men for 18 years.

Researchers learned that guys who did it the most (at least 21 times a month) had about a 20% lower chance of getting prostate cancer, opposed to those who “released” less (4 to 7 times a month). No one is too sure about why it seems to be, some believe that it can flush out harmful chemicals that might build up in our “baby batter”. Ejaculation doesn’t protect against the most deadly or advanced types of prostate cancer. So be mindful, shooting off your power hose will not cure you. Some smaller studies have not yielded the same results. Perhaps the 2016 study was beneficial in numbers due to the size of participants & length of the study.

It wouldn’t be wise to rush to your doctors office demanding a prescription for more sex, that’s a sure way to get laughed out of the building. But if ejaculating can reduce my odds of having prostate cancer, guess what I’m about to do…you better believe it!!! That’s definitely a job I’m willing to have. Let you loved ones know, that with a little more sexy time, they could be helping with your life.

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