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I’ve had a bumpy ride with my show Down & Dirty After Dark…

I have been accused of being messy because we “expose” people on the show.  In my defense…  I have never personally exposed anybody (even though I could have sooooooooooooooooo many times).  Do you agree or disagree, once it’s out there on the web, it is fair game?  Even still, people may call in to the show to expose somebody… but you guys have to remember Ear Kandy Radio is a social media outlet.  Just like any other entertainment website, we will report what’s going on (good and bad).

I was catfished!!!  I had (what I thought was) a 79 year old woman who used to call in to the show every Monday & Thursday.  She was an instant riot with all her sex stories & quick whit.  She claimed to have slept with over 3,000 men & she was just loved on the show.  Come to find out… She, well should I say HE was a man!!!!  Sad but true, catch up on the episode when I revealed the beloved “Ms. Henretha” was a man.

ASK MS. HENRETHADo you have relationship questions??Email them to earkandyradio@gmail.comYOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS!!!

But we have also had some really good shows and some good interviews with the sponsors.  Here are some of our most played back shows on Down & Dirty After Dark.

We interviewed the beautiful rapper/entertainer Kash Doll from Detroit, MI.  & I also had the privilege to host the party when she came to Akron at Georgies.   Kash Doll was super cool and down to earth on the show, as well as in person.

photo (38)     photo (37)


We also had the opportunity to interview Detroit’s favorite “trio” on two separate occasions…  Uncle Free & his two lovely wives Kristyle and Kenyea.  They live a healthy, happy life of polyamory… To find out more, please listen to their two interviews.

photo (39)


Sponsor Interviews!!!

photo (40)


photo (36)


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