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Mother Turns Her Son In After Discovering He Was Planning A School Massacre

Washington (state) – Nicole, a mother of a 17 year old son truly needs to be celebrated right now. She turned her son in to authorities after discovering that he was planning to execute a school shooting, on the anniversary of the infamous Columbine High School massacre.

Nicole read her son’s journal and learned that he was going to use guns and a variety of explosives to carry out the attack (on College Place High School). He was planning to “blast” anyone in sight and to “kill everyone possible.” After the maximum damage was done, he planned to kill himself.

When Nicole confronted her son about it, he said that he was just being imaginative, and the entries in his journal were “just a story.”

I truly commend her for doing what she did. I’m sure it was not easy to turn her own child in. I honestly cannot imagine having to make that choice, but she definitely made the right decision! She possibly saved a lot of kids, including her own. I hope her son gets the help he needs, and prayers to the family from Ear Kandy Radio!

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