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Born & Raise Akron Ohio’s Own Derrick Henderson Jr is a young African-American entrepreneur he is also an upcoming artist as well as the innovator and the business owner of the multimedia company Glory.  Bull Productions & Entertainment L.L.C.  The company stands for financial freedom Prosperity and Success by providing multiple types of entertainment and Digital Services through the online website  www.glorybull.com  it provides everlasting economic opportunities and will absolutely meet all Entertainment Needs.  When this up and coming business man picks up a mic or enters a booth he becomes
Mr-Roc-Hustle a inspiring versatile rap artist who has both the hunger and drive that truly is unforgettable, he was born and raised in the city Akron Ohio. He did not grow up thinking he would someday have the Gift to do music. He started free styling at the age of 17 and it became something natural his passion is his everyday life and culture eventually he started rapping and making studio quality music on a very quality and professional level.
Roc-Hustle Questionnaire :
What is your artist name?
Artist Name: Mr-Roc-Hustle
What is your music genre?
Music Genre: Soul HipHop
Where are you from?
From: Akron Ohio
How long have you been practicing your craft?
I have been doing music now for ten years started when I was eighteen.
What made you want to be an artist?
The platform and power of having a mic in my hand inspiring people through music made me wan to be an artist.
Describe your first time performing?
My first ever performance I did a song with two other artist it was fun and exciting and also short because I wanted to feel that feeling a lot longer.
What music or artist influenced you?
The culture of hiphop influenced me the most I have many favorites one of them is Juelz Santanna
Earliest memory involving music?
Before I ever became an artist or knew I loved music I use to always make beats on the lunch table back in school with pencils and pens rhythm has always been y thing
How did music influence you growing up?
Music influenced me just like everyone it helps you cope through the up’s and downs in life music gives you many different emotions and it is definitely a powerful tool that’s why I love the platform.
How would you best describe your music?
My music very diverse I am a very versatile artist I am here to use my platform to entertain teach and I will forever make quality timeless music.
What do you think is the biggest misconception you hear about your music?
I think still being technically a local artist many listeners just assume that they will not here quality good diverse music so a lot of people probably never give it a chance due to the misconception of it being a only having a local sound.
What is your typical songwriting process like?
My writing process varies it really is based off the mood I am in that determines what type of song I write really well early mornings and I come up with great music concepts and ideas in the shower
What do you think is the vibe of the album?
The vibe for this album is plenty of passion energy and lyricism.
What do you hope fans and listeners take from it?
I hope the real listeners take away my exciting style my hunger and determination to entertain them through music.
Do you have any shows coming up?
No shows in progress at the moment but I am open to perform anywhere.

Check out some of Mr-Roc-Hustle’s music & videos.


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