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Mrs. Dean “Give Em Face” Video

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Dean when she was interviewed on Let’s Talk Char last month.  I learned two things about Mrs. Dean that I don’t think I will ever be able to forget.  #1 She is married to TVickz & they have the cutest relationship! 

#2 When you refer to her… she would like to be recognized for her talent 1st and then you can compliment her beauty!  LOL…  She told me real quick that she doesn’t just want people to think of her as beautiful, but more on the talented side.  She explained how it is already hard coming up in the game as a female, so she would like to lead with her talents.

While she was on the show she was there promoting her new video “Give Em Face” … and I must say that Mrs. Dean truly showed how talented she is with her bomb lyrics, her choice of style for the video as well as the whole concept… and I can’t leave out the fact she looked absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  Sorry Mrs. Dean, you are just captivating and you have the talent and personality to match.

Everybody please take a minute and check out this video and leave us a comment below to tell us what you think.

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