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My Boyfriend Whooped My Son… Now He’s In Jail!!!

I would like to remain anonymous but my boyfriend recently whooped my son for calling his aunt a bitch. My boyfriend said his aunt (his dad’s sister) came over to tell me about my son acting out over a her house a few weekends ago.  She was coming to show me a video of him beating this little girl up, pulling her hair & he even spit on her.  I wasn’t home so she showed my boyfriend & he handled it.  Now my boyfriend has been in my son’s life for 5 yrs now, since my son was 2 yrs old. My boyfriend is more than just my boyfriend he really loves my son. Anytime my son needs anything he can go to my man.

Now after my boyfriend whooped him, my son called his sperm donor & told him about it.  I call him a sperm donor because he is not in my son’s life like he should be and that’s just the honest to goodness truth.  So his bitch ass daddy came over here & got into a fight with my man.  My man pulled a gun because my baby daddy came over here with a gun & the neighbors called the police. Now my man is in jail because he’s a felon & isn’t allowed to have a gun.

I’m pissed with the whole situation.  How can this nigga just show up now but he’s been missing in action except on birthdays & Christmas & on days he wants to post on social media.  My family is accusing me of choosing my man over my son.  Was I wrong for taking my man’s side?  My son was dead wrong!  If I would have been home, I would have whopped his little ass too!

I would like to ask your audience if they think it’s okay for your boyfriend or girlfriend to discipline your child (up to whooping them if the offense warrants it)?

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