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My Friend Abuses Her Kids

My friend abuses her kids and I really don’t know what to do.  We haven’t been friends that long.  She works with me and we got close because my car broke down and we started to carpool together.  We have become really close because she and I have similar upbringings.  We both grew up too fast and our parents were not really the best.  I don’t know if she had it worse with her dad raping her ever since she can remember & her mom never threw him out of their house, or if I had it worse growing up in the foster home system, never meeting my parents & I was raped almost at every house I went to.  Now this is not to make you feel bad for me or for her I am just trying to paint the picture as to why I have not reported her yet.

First of all it is hard to tell somebody about their kids.  When I first started coming around the kids, I noticed that they always had marks and bruises on their body.  Her kids are young 2 boys and 1 girl and of course their daddies ain’t around.  But I thought they were just rough kids to be honest because they are always play fighting and they really are bad as hell lol.  But recently I noticed lately her yelling at them really bad.  Calling them all out their names (bitches, hoes, sluts, niggas, punk ass niggas, dumb muthafuckers) just to name a few.  I tried to tell her that wasn’t cool but she light weight went off on me.  Then I started to notice how her kids are so afraid of her.  Whenever she is by them or walks past them, those kids are on the defense.  They flinch and almost run away from her.  They never want to be around their own mom.

One day I went over there before work and my girl was in the bathroom & her oldest son was downstairs.  I asked him not to say anything about our conversation, but I asked him if he liked his mom and he said NO.  He said it so strong.  I asked him why, and he said because she’s mean and she is always hitting them and making them stay in the closet when they be bad.  My heart dropped.

I want to tell and report her, but those kids don’t have anybody else and I’m not in the position to take on 3 kids.  I also don’t want them to get mixed up in the system because I know exactly what will happen to them.  They will get split up and maybe have an even worse life.  I don’t know what to do and I really need some advice.

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