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MY MAMA AINT RAISE NO HOE!!!! And neither did 2 chains, YG’s, or Offsets


When you think about today’s rapper the 1st thing that pops in your head, (well in my head… lol) isn’t their mothers. I mean some of today’s rappers act like they don’t even have mothers, once upon a time rappers and the love of their mothers were literally  synonymous with one another we knew the heavyweights’ mothers by name. Every big name rapper from 2Pac to Biggie and everyone in between had a mama song; in other words a song that they dedicated to their mothers to show appreciation love and admiration for them.

But let’s be honest it’s been a while since these not so hardcore rappers of today have shown such reverence for they mama’s. It’s like love and appreciation are only used to describe “pills and automobiles” but not they Mama’s!

So imagine my absolute excitement when I stumbled across a song called proud! The song is 2 Chainz featuring YG and Offset (from the migos) and the song chorus goes “ I’m just tryna make my MAMA proud!, I ain’t tryna let my MAMA down, cuz my MAMA ain’t raise no hoe!” Now these men aren’t watching their mouths here and they aren’t speaking of  big Mama, you know cookie baking, green cooking, praying all the time, “close my damn door i ain’t tryna heat the whole neighborhood” Mama’s, but their Mama’s and they some OG’s! According to the verses these women are trapping, gang banging, hustlers and their sons look up to them.

Now like I said I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard the song back in February but nothing could prepare me for seeing these Mama’s in the video RAPPING their sons verses! Oh my Gawd it gave me so much life and they are all very true representations of their sons from 2 Chainz mama with the long dreads and bandanna to Offset’s  mama in all her designer duds and of course YG’s mama was a gang sign throwing gangsterette dressed of course in red (blood in blood out). Needless to say I am all the way here for it come threw Mama’s come threw!!! And it is even more so in heavy rotation Cuz “Im just tryna make MY MAMA PROUD!!!!!!

Check out the link to the new video below!

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