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My Side Chick Is My Dude’s Fiance

Now this is some crazy shit.  Im usually a dog ass nigga & never fully commit to anybody.  I been dealing with one of my side chicks for almost 2 years now.  Our situation works out perfect because she has a dude and a family, so I know when we hook up it’s usually only for sex.  I mean I do enjoy her company but let’s be honest, she has a dude so I don’t let my feelings get involved.

Here’s the crazy part.  I work with this guy who got me hired in the company.  We met a year ago on a temporary assignment and he told me he could get me permanent employment.  We been really cool since because he has a lot of knowledge and he really been helping me to get out the streets.  To make a long story short, my transmission went out and my dude was going to give me the money to borrow until we got paid again.  So I go to his house to pick up the money and guess who answers the door!  Yup, my side chick!  Man her face looked like she saw a ghost and so did mine.  I was so really fucked up then dude came to the door and introduced me to his fiance and their 2 kids.

My face must have said it all because he asked if we knew each other and she said no so fast, so I said no but she looked familiar to throw it off.  I never in my life have felt like such a piece of shit.  This dude got me a job, only person who has ever loaned a nigga that much money and has been nothing but a real nigga to me.  I’m feeling real guilty right now & I’m kinda pissed at her because why is she cheating on this good ass nigga anyway?  My head all fucked up and I’m feeling like I need to tell my dude but then I’m feeling like that will be snitching.  Damn what would you do?  He is about to marry this lousy bitch and he don’t deserve that.  As I said I have always been a dog ass nigga when it comes to these bitches but I’m a real nigga to my friends.  Damn I need some advice.

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