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Myracle’s Heart

Kaleiya Myracle IdDeen is 6 years old and is in the first grade. She is known to be one of the sweetest, yet most stubborn little girl you’ll ever meet. She is a lover of gymnastics and believes that one day she will go to the Olympics.

Unfortunately, Kaleiya was born with a rare congenital heart defect called Taussing Bing which is a cyanotic congenital heart condition  that has both, double outlet of the right ventricle (DORV) and sub pulmonic ventricular septal defect. Transposition of the great arteries along with three other heart defects as well.

Kaleiya’s first surgery was at only ten days old to repair the 6 heart defects. Her second operation was at 18 months to remove the scar tissue. Now, she has to undergo another surgery on January 3 to eliminate some muscle binding happening in her heart.

Mom, Keyona Jbree, (who also has two other childrensays“I’m really trusting and believing that God will fix my babies broken heart and she never has to go through this again.”

Due to these heart issues, Kaleiya’s dreams of doing gymnastics have been put on hold until she completely heals and the doctors grants her orders to go back to doing what she loves.

To Support Kaleiya:

We will wear ‘Myracle’s Heart’ shirts again on the day she ungoes surgery.

The cost is as follows:

$10 KIDS (youth) XS – (youth) LARGE


$2 more for 2x4x.

Monies for shirts are due at the time of order. The family CAN NOT place any orders unless purchased. The last day to order a shirt will be December 10 in order to have them in time for the surgery.

Cash and/or Cash app $keyonajbree are the accepted forms of payment. Mom can be reached via Facebook Keyona Jbree or instagram itsjus_bree.

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