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Nah!!! Not The Big Homie Snoop D-O-Double Gizzle

Snoop Dogg is in the news & not for smoking that chronic!  Looks like he got caught up with notorious Instagram Hoe …  I mean Instagram Thot (self-proclaimed by the way) Celina Powell, also known as “the black widow”.  Most recently she lied about Offset getting her pregnant, then she later admitted to lying, not only about him being the dad… but she wasn’t even pregnant to begin with!

But back to our big homie Snoop, this black widow must have got mad at him for whatever reason and she went public with their relationship, blasting out screenshots of their text messages.  The messages were  pretty damaging as he sent pictures of himself to her and also requested that she send him some pictures as well.

Snoop has been with his wife Shante Broadus since 1997.  Snoop really is a family guy and him and his wife have been through a hell of a lot.  They almost got a divorce a few years back, but they managed to pull it together because they truly love each other.

Well I for one am rooting for Snoop and his wife!  I don’t think it is ever okay to cheat, but I do believe that if you truly love your spouse, no matter what… your marriage is worth fighting for.  & I really wish you men would smarten up!  This woman LITERALLY JUST got somebody else caught up.  Snoop, why would you think she would be loyal to you??  

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