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NATIONAL LOCKDOWN – Politicians won’t admit it yet, but…..

It’s time to prepare—physically and psychologically—for a sudden stop to all life outside your home.

Trump is thinking about A National lockdown to stop COVID-19 since we are NOT following the social distancing order.

US President Donald Trump said that Americans should be ‘prepared for the hard days that lie ahead’. This comes after death toll in US climbed past 3,600 on March 31. We’re gonna go through a very tough two weeks and then hopefully, as the experts are predicting, is I think a lot of us are predicting after having studied it so hard, I’m going to start seeing some real light at the end of the tunnel. But this is gonna be a very painful, very, very painful two weeks.”

PEOPLE……….Please stay home!! If you think the “Stay at Home” order is bad, A National lockdown will be MUCH WORSE.

You need to think hard, and fast, about two crucial questions: Where, and with whom, do you want to spend the next six to 12 weeks of your life, hunkered down for the epidemic duration? And what can you do to make that place as safe as possible for yourself and those around you?

Your time to answer those questions is very short—a few days, at most. Airports will close, trains will shut down, gasoline supplies may dwindle, and roadblocks may be set up. Nations are closing their borders, and as the numbers of sick rise, towns, suburbs, even entire counties will try to shut the virus out by blocking travel. Wherever you decide to settle down this week is likely to be the place in which you will be stuck for the duration of your epidemic.

As employers shift to work-from-home status, white-collar workers with salaried jobs need to consider where best to hunker down, allowing them strong Internet access and a home work setting. For workers whose jobs require physical presence at a work site, such as custodians, factory workers, security guards, construction personnel, taxi drivers, and the like, the relocation option is decided—stay put. But many may lose their jobs, either temporarily or permanently, due to the epidemic, and the prospect of six to eight weeks without an income stream is excruciating. Anybody facing that prospect should immediately negotiate with their landlords, mortgage lenders, and utilities, seeking long-term payment options, and scour for information regarding their legal rights if threatened with eviction, power shut-off, or lost credit due to epidemic-spawned nonpayment.

Plan now for your state of siege. Don’t delay. Choose where you want to survive the pandemic, with whom, and how. Your window of opportunity to act is shrinking, very fast.

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