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I have a pretty unique battle with this hair of mine.  My hair has always been long and naturally curly, but about 4-5 years ago,  I was in a pretty serious car accident and I guess it put my body in some type of shock…  Not only did my hair fall out at an alarming rate, but the texture of my hair also changed dramatically.  My hair used to be very, very naturally curly; but then it was almost bone straight (even when I put moisture on it).  So needless to say, I have been trying to find natural ways to make my hair grow back.  I was going to the hair salon on a weekly bases.  My hair looked fabulous, but I still was not noticing any growth.  So I stopped going to the shop and started do my hair at home, while looking for natural remedies.  Here are the best ones I’ve found, so I would like to share them with you.

  1. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks (about 1/4 of an inch).  Trimming your ends will not make your hair grown; however, it will promote healthy hair growth.  Split ends will cause breakage and unhealthy hair.
  2. Get hot oil massages (your mate or best friend would be the perfect person to do this).  Heat up the oil & massage it into your scalp.  Home-made hot oil treatments are the best.  You can your jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil… but grape seed oil treatments are said to be the best.  Try to get the oil only on your scalp so your hair does not become too oily.
  3. Egg whites… crack a few eggs and drain out the yolks and make an egg white mask for your hair.  Leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse.  This is known to instantly replenish hair and restore softness & shine.  Your hair will immediately look 10 times healthier, feel stronger and ultimately make your hair grow faster.  For deep penetration… mix your egg whites, mayonnaise, and honey and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes with a shower cap covering your hair.
  4. DRINK WATER… at least 8 cups a day.  Drinking water helps the body flush out toxins faster, your body will feel better and your hair will get stronger.  Water keeps your hair hydrated from the inside out.
  5. Let your hair air-dry as much as possible.  Blow drying your hair is the fastest way to get split ends.
  6. Eat protein rich foods.  You will see a huge difference in how fast your hair grows and the quality of your hair.  Eat foods like fish, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables (even different meats, depending on how they are prepared).  Cut down on junk food and focus on healthy meals.  You only have one body… Remember “you are what you eat”.
  7. Apple cider vinegar is the trick for really long hair.  Mix apple cider vinegar and a little water then use it to rinse your hair after every shampoo (rinse all the shampoo off first, then use the vinegar mix).  This will stimulate your hair follicles and makes it grow much quicker.  You can add a few drops of your essential oils to the mix if the smell is too over-bearing.  
  8. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS WET!!!  This is when your hair is at its most vulnerable state…  When detangling your hair, make sure you use a wide tooth comb.

All of these remedies are very cost effective and have been known to dramatically increase the length, strength and quality of your hair.  Please blog with me & let me know if any of these tips have worked for you!!!

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