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“Nature Boy” and His Thoughts Of Nudity Around Children  

I came across a video of a man who referred to himself as “Nature Boy” who was speaking of being a nudist and how he doesn’t cover himself when children are around. What he was saying came off very aggressive and disturbing, but it made me think about parents who are around their children without any clothes on… and I wondered if they could relate. 

First off, check out the initial video I saw and listen to his views of being nude in general and even having s*xual intercourse around children. 

So apparently, Nature Boy (Eligio Lee Bishop) was/ is the leader of a polygamist cult called Carbon Nation — which believes in nudism, refraining from bathing and defecating on trees. He was arrested April of 2022 on charges of rape, false imprisonment and three counts of “prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions,” according to online jail records from the DeKalb County Police Department.

Authorities are uncertain about when Nature Boy arrived in Georgia, but he and about 15 followers were kicked out of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama in 2019 for “endangering and threatening the national security of those three countries,” the Costa Rica Star reported at the time. Nature Boy, who was described as a former model, stripper and s3x worker, forced followers to give him all their money, credit cards and bank account information in order to join his cult. 

“Carbon Nation is his cult. He’s been whooping girls, beating girls, fertilizing girls, getting girls ready for marriage”

~ an anonymous neighbor
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