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Need a laugh? A few of the Best comedies on Netflix

The Other Guys

The buddy cop tale is a well-worn trope in the comedy repertoire, but few can execute it as well as Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. As New York cops suddenly thrust from desk work and donuts into white-collar crime after the death of their fellow officers, they have to learn how to play in the big leagues—fast.

While We’re Young

In this Noah Baumbach comedy, Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play spouses who don’t have any children. In response, they get to know a younger couple with “cool” jobs and sensibilities, and they find themselves questioning what they know about aging, family, friendship, and love.

The Incredible Jessica James

Jessica Williams shines in The Incredible Jessica James, a.k.a. the perfect rebound rom-com. After Jessica goes through a bad break-up, she unexpectedly bonds with a guy who is recently divorced. While romance is involved, it’s Jessica’s bold and unapologetic personality that is truly so captivating.

Someone Great

A perfect movie for struggling twenty-somethings with big dreams, this sweet romantic comedy about a music journalist, her break-up, and one last hurrah in New York City, is never too playful to not feel achingly real.

Despicable Me

Even several years after its initial release, this clever animated comedy about a supervillain-turned-dad is still just as funny and heartwarming as it was the first time we heard “IT’S SO FLUFFY!”

The Half Of It

This refreshing rom-com flips the win-the-girl script when Ellie Chu decides to help Paul Munsky get the girl of his dreams. Only problem? Aster Flores is the girl of Ellie’s dreams, too.

What are your favorite comedies? Enjoy!

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