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Nene Leakes Buys A House For Her Son Bryson

Real Housewives Of Atlanta T.V personality Nene Leakes A.K.A Mrs.I’m Rich Bitch buys a house for her son Bryson’s 30th birthday. A four bedroom 3 bathroom house is a great gift to receive I wish somebody would buy me a house for my birthday that’s GOALS. It’s amazing that nene gave this wonderful gift to her son I can’t imagine how he is feeling right now. Brysons Baby Momma isn’t happy about it at all according to All About The Tea on Friday December 27th Simone Davis Spoke on the situation. She said that Nene Leakes bought the home for “her image”. “Why would a women buy a grown ass man a house ? Symone asked her followers on her video also stating that nene will pay for all of his utilities , Fuck nene and her money”. I personally feel like she is being bitter because at the end of the day she had a baby with Bryson NOT NENE so what if she bought her son a house it’s her money and she can afford it so it doesn’t matter if she pays his utilities until he is able to provide for himself I don’t think nothing is wrong with it at all. Also Symone stated that “nene doesn’t do anything for her grandson she doesn’t acknowledge him and Bryson hasn’t bought a sock, diaper, pull up, bottle, happy meal, nothing for blaze” I don’t respect that part at all Im on the outside looking in but if that is true it’s not ok at all the least you can do is take care of your kid/grandkid(s) spend time and getting to know them. Symone added “I’m not asking for anything expensive or outrageous. Her grandson just wants to eat, have clothes on his back and have Nene , (her husband) Gregg and her side of the family in his life that’s not asking too much especially when she’s a rich bitch”. I do feel where she is coming from on that note of not being in her sons life I really hope Bryson gets better with spending time with his son and taking care of him also Nene stepping up to be a better grandmother to her grandson.

Nene Leakes
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