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Net Worth of L&HH ATL

Can you guys believe how much these celebrities are actually making all this money off Reality TV and being messy???  It is crazy!  Let’s take a look into some of the stars of our favorite show (y’all know you love it even though it is MESSSSYYYYY).

Joseline Hernandez

Net worth of about $2.6 Million.


Yung Joc

Net Worth $8 Million


Tammy Rivera

Net Worth $200,000

Kirk Frost

Net Worth $600,000

Momma Dee

Net Worth $250,000

Stevie J

Net Worth $4.8 Million

(although he made about $20 million… he lost about $15 Million)

Rasheeda Frost 

Net Worth $715,000

Mimi Faust

Net Worth $1.8 Million

Karlie Redd

Net Worth $250,000


Net Worth $100,000

Let’s blog about it… Who is your favorite cast member on Love & Hip Hop??

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One thought on “Net Worth of L&HH ATL

  1. Yes I agree that’s crazy that get paid a nice amount of money to be messy! It’s like their saying it’s okay when it’s not. Showing the next generation it’s okay too act a fool on tv. I’m shocked rasheedas is so low, but maybe that’s from what she makes off of the show. ??‍♀️ I will have to she’s my favorite bc she’s not really that messy. She’s about her coins, An pretty much stays out the way. Even though I feel like she should leave kirks ugly ass alone!! He has done her so dirty it’s just sad! I’m sure she’ll leave him one day, I just hope it’s soon!! My 2nd favorite out of the messy crew is joseline lol if cardi B was a choice I would pick her. Their messy asf but very cut throat An don’t take no mess. Joseline seems as if she may have changed a Lil but this season, but only time will tell!

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