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New bae alert! Did B. Simone Bag Da Baby!

Updated 4/1

Da Baby’s new video is trending on YouTube as number 2! The video starts B. Simone as the leading lady! Although it’s just a video i still Believe the two messed around! She’s all under his picture on instagram!

Check out the full video below

New Bae watch alert! B.Simone uploaded a picture of her hugged up with a mystery man! And from the looks of his hand tattoos we believe it’s Da Baby! In the past B. Simone has always expressed her interest in Da Baby and I think she got him!

She looks very happy! If so she’s lucky! If you saw that recent video of the baby package being exposed you know what I mean! He’s blessed….lol check out the pictures below and tell me what you think…Da Baby and B. Simone as a couple??? I’ll keep you updated!

Check out the band tattoos

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