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New Black Cartoon ‘Made By Maddie’ Was Coming To Nick Jr. Has Been Cancelled

There was a new cartoon set to air on Nick Jr September 13, 2020 called ‘Made By Maddie’ with a predominantly black cast, but it has been cancelled.

At a time when the country is in an uproar about the #BlackLivesMatter movement due to police constantly killing unarmed black people, you would think people would be thrilled about this cartoon, but that is simply not the case.

The black community is accusing Nick Jr. of stealing the show ideas behind a short film called Hair Love, by Matthew A. Cherry… which tells a story about a Black father who is learning how to style his daughter’s hair.

Based on the trailer for the new cartoon, Made By Maddie, both of the shows have a few similarities.

  • Both shows have a predominantly black cast
  • Both of the fathers in each show wear dread locks
  • Both of the mothers in each show wear their hair in natural curls
  • Both of the daughters wear a pink bow
  • Both of the families in each show have a pet cat

Nick Jr. has pulled Made By Maddie from their schedule to air on September 13th. How do you guys feel about this situation?

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