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New Details about the Nipsey Hussle shooting.

Man accused of killing Nipsey Hussle (Eric Holder)

A suspect has been named in the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle  late Monday night. On April 1, Los Angeles Police department identified 29 year old Eric Holder of Los Angeles CA as the alleged shooter who Murdered Nipsey Hussle and injured 2 others on Sunday. According to Police after watching the video footage of the shooting they were able to put together what happened. Police are currently looking for Holder and an unidentified woman who allegedly drove  him away from the scene. Police are also working on a motive for the crime.

The news of the suspect came after a candle light visual for Nipsey, that turned violent Monday night. 19 people were injured after a fight broke out during the candlelight service multiple people reported hearing gunshots on the scene police confirmed that no shots were fired, and injuries came from broken glass and being trampled by people running to get away. Nipsey was a well known  Artist and businessman in South Los Angeles Ca, he was working to better his community by building and investing in the community as well educating people on how to handle finances and investments as well as the teaching of Dr Sebi. Nipsey had a meeting scheduled for Monday April 1 with the president of the Los Angeles police commissioner and chief to talk about ways to stop gang violence and better the city.

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