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New Meghan Trainor ft Nicki Minaj Nice to Met Ya video

Nicki Minaj Posted a short clip of the new music video she’s in! Meghan’s video is very chic, lots of pink, bold and bossy! In the setting of a modern office. She transformed the traditional modest work attire into sexy stylish outfits. Bold hair and the lyrics aren’t bad!

As women in the work field we use to thing we had to as these lady’s say “ dumb yourself down” in the work place in order to succeed. Change yourself into who they wanted you to be! And the message here is to be YOURSELF! Be bold, take chances and understand we are all human. We make mistakes learn from them and get up and be a boss!

Check out the video below and remember to chase your goals! Unfortunate events will always occur in life, it’s up to you to keep going and work towards your success. Remember you didn’t come this far to ONLY come this far! Be Blessed…. love DeAnna Kay

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