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New Music – Global Mogul Presents Tefflawn Da Goon: Street N***A

Now y’all know Ear Kandy Radio rocks HEAVY with King Locust and Global Mogul, and I woke up to a true treat this morning! New music, some of that real music! King Locust is a lyrical genius and the music is so relatable (especially if you’re from the streets)!

This new song features King Locust, Tefflawn Da Goon, Prince Picasso & Suflay… & it’s FIRE!!! I have been listening to it on repeat all morning. Here are the lyrics to the hook.

“I’m a street nigga… Gotta eat nigga… If you ain’t in my circle I can’t eat with yaaaa!!! The game real, get killed in these streets nigga, so keep it solid when you out here in them streets nigga”

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