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New York Man Accidentally Kills His Own Girlfriend

This is so sad!!!  This video was leaked & I actually saw it posted on MTO but it looks like there was a fight between the boyfriend & another man leaving out the store.  The boyfriend appears to pull out a gun and tried to shoot the man in the altercation, but shot the wrong person!!!

As he chased the other man away, the girlfriend began to leak blood profusely and collapsed!

Take a look at the video here…  WARNING, the images are very graphic!  

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One thought on “New York Man Accidentally Kills His Own Girlfriend

  1. No I really dont agree .. I believe the other man shot her. He saw them walking up and was already prepared for their attack. He literally shot her threw his coat When they were tussling that is why he wasnt throwing any punches. He was reaching for his gun. The view was obstructed by her body being in front of the camera. The sound was not heard do to the gun muzzle being pressed up against the woman and being in his coat .

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