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Next stimulus check? IRS payment may come sooner than you think

We are getting closer to receiving the 2nd stimulus. All parties agree the stimulus is needed, however, an agreement on other parts of the package has not been met yet. You should get yours sooner than later!!

The White House plans to send the second payment quicker than it did the first check. We worked out some possible dates.

White House and Democratic negotiators are days away from the Aug. 7 deadline to reach an agreement on the next stimulus package. While the two sides remain far apart on some parts of the new bill — “We still have our differences,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday — the parties agree on the need for a second stimulus check. And what’s more, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the next round of stimulus checks could go out much quicker this time.


If the two sides do reach an agreement on the bill by Friday, checks will go out ASAP now, based on the current negotiations.  Stay tuned!

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