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NFL Wife Tracks Hubby To Airbnb w/ Another Woman

Nina Thomas, wife of NFL player Earl Thomas, was arrested on charges of burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and family violence after tracking her husband’s whereabouts.

Prior to Earl leaving the house earlier in the day, they got in an argument over drinking. Nina claims his brother, Seth Thomas, came and picked him up from the house and she had no idea where they were going (but clearly she was suspicious).

Nina decided to check her husband’s Spapchat account so she could track his location and saw he was at a nearby Airbnb. She called up two of her girls to help her confront her husband, and she also took one of his guns (just to “scare him”).

Nina claims when they arrived, they found Earl and his brother Seth naked in the bed with other women. She then pulled the gun out and pointed it to Earl’s head, with her finger on the trigger and the safety as off as well (she says she took the clip out, but she didn’t know there was still a bullet in the chamber).

Luckily for him, Earl was able to wrestle the gun away from her. One of the other women there secretly recorded the entire incident, and cops say Nina hit Earl in the nose with the gun and he also corroborated the story. In an interview with the other woman, she says Nina also threatened her while her friend waved a knife around in the air, pointing the gun at them saying

“I got something for all you hoes”

The police arrested Nina and both of her friends, and they were later bonded out. They were charged with burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. It’s sad her friends weren’t able to think better in that situation because now they are facing charges for s crime which had nothing to do with them.

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