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Nicki & Meek Are BIG Beefing On Twitter!

So Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been going at it today on Twitter!!! No beef is real officially until it makes it to social media LOL & their beef is all over Twitter now.

Nicki is accusing Meek of basically still checking for her, knowing she has a man (who may have or may not have “pressed” Meek in a store & caused him to shit on himself… allegedly). Oh course Meek brought up her brother and the whole rape situation (which has nothing to do with Nicki, except the woman asking her for $20 million to keep quiet).

They went back and forth, and I’m wondering if they are still in love or something, because honestly… who is still checking for somebody they no longer have feeling about. SMH… I wonder how Meek new baby momma feels about all this??? But check out the screen shots below & tell me what you think?!

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