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Nicki Minaj and Off set

Wow I know Nicki didn’t scoop that low and fuck with a married man. They ain’t sign paperwork but why would Off Set mess with Nicki Minaj after resent divorce rumors?

Welp it’s Not him! Lol I just had to get y’all attention. Nicki Minaj recently posted a mystery man on her Instagram story! Then later showed his face. I’m not sure who this mysterious man is but once I figure it out I’ll tell you.

Its rumored he has money but has been in trouble with the law. But who hasn’t lol in a  Country full of rules it’s hard not too. Now  sources say he’s her new boo but he could just be a friend… I’ll keep you posted but I’m happy for her she’s deserves love and maybe some little Minaj’s running around….

?Update so I learned the mysterious guy is 40 year old Kenneth “Zoo” Petty. He has five children and those mug shots are allegedly from a case in 1995.

Petty was convicted of RAPING a 16 year old girl and is a registered sex offender. Omg all this tea my sources spill to me. I know I said I’m happy for her but childdd we don’t support Rape or sex criminals! Let it go Nicki, I don’t care how much money he got! You’re bag big enough to find a man with less kids and not a rapist! I told y’all I keep you posted and boom les than 24 hours I got the tea big s/o to my  sorceress!

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