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Nicki Minaj Apologizes For Overprotective Husband Pushing the Arm of Trinidadian Singer

Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, are in the headlines again, and at this point… I just feel like we have to give homeboy a pass. Nicki recently went over to Trinidad (her native country) and Tobago for their annual fete carnival. She was participating in the parade (with an elaborate costumer, looking fine as ever), waving at fans from a truck.

Trinidadian artist, Iwer George, was performing just a couple feet away from her, and he was obviously trying to get her involved in the performance, when Petty can be seen pushing his arm away with a disgusted look on his face.

He is really overprotective over his wife (Nicki Minaj), and he has never experienced being in the limelight like this. We have to give him a small window to adjust to his new lifestyle… but BRUH! You have a beautiful wife, you are going to have to give her space and know that she is loyal to you. Let her live, she has to interact with her fans.

Nicki apologized for her husband’s actions and if they offended anybody. She said he was not away of the culture. I love how Nicki rides for her hubby! I know that’s right boo.

“Oh gawd. Allyuh like shit eh? I go cuz all yuh real fkn stink yuh know?” Nicki wrote. “He don’t understand anything about our culture. I apologize on his behalf. He’s always in security mode. All love. Love my country to death. Love my ppl to death. Period … I should’ve told him it’s a very comfortable family atmosphere. He’s never been to a carnival in his life. Not even in Brooklyn babe.”

~ Nicki Minaj
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