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Nicki Minaj is Dating Future

OKAY…  So I just heard on 107.9 reported by Juicy of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, that Nicki Minaj is NOW dating Future.  So I ran home to cross reference on the internet and low and behold… Media Takeout confirms it as well.

Looks like Media Takeout spoke to one of Nicki Minaj’s female friends, and she CONFIRMED that Nicki and Future are seeing each other!!!  She also explained, “Nicki is a BOSS so she can’t date any old n***a.  Her and Future have been kicking it for months.”

She told Media Takeout how there has always been a strong attraction between the two of them but things seemed to heat up after a project they have been working on recently.  She says that Future is ALL OVER Nicki’s upcoming album “QUEEN” set to release June 15.

And the couple seems to be pretty PUBLIC about their new budding relationship. They were spotted BOO’D up at Liv last Sunday in Miami.  Well one thing I can say about my girl Nicki is she ain’t staying with no nigga if she ain’t happy.  My baby has NO PROBLEM moving on!  Let’s see how this relationship works out.  I’m always rooting for my girl.


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