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Nicki Minaj May Be Pregnant

I remember reading reports from mediatakeout.com sometime earlier this year stating Nicki Minaj was pregnant, but she went on record saying it was not true… so the rumors slowly faded.  Looks like she really may be from these most recent pictures!

Nicki showed up last night at BEYONCE’S Oscar afterparty . . . and (reportedly) she was PREGNANT.

There were MULTIPLE SOURCES on the inside that confirmed Nicki is VERY VISIBLY PREGNANT… and of course they are also confirming the baby is none other than Nas (even though there have also been reports of them splitting up).

If this is the case, this will explain why Nicki has been hiding out, or should I say out of the spotlight.  And all this time I was thinking she was preparing for a comeback after Cardi B hit the scene and the recent beef with Remy Ma.  Speaking of Remy Ma… isn’t she trying to get pregnant too?  Is this the ultimate slap in the face from Nicki to Remy??


If she is pregnant, do you guys think Nicki is doing a Kylie Jenner? If so, we probably won’t see her for a little while as they get ready for the baby.  Well I for one am super happy if this rumor is true.  Congrats Nicki & Nas!  Can’t wait until this is confirmed.

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