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Nicki Minaj Says She Is RETIRING?!?!?

Hold up… wait a minute… The Barbie, Nicki Minaj, says she is retiring and starting a family!!! Now who TF has pissed my girl off?! She is talking about she is ready to start a family now….


1st of all, you definitely deserve it queen! You have been in this music industry for a little minute now. Nicki Minaj started her career at an early age in New York and only released her debut mixtape ”Playtime Is Over’ in 2007 – when she was around 22-years-old.

I honestly think Nicki is just tired of these “fake ass people & fans” always coming for her. Now yall know I love my girl Cardi B… but so many people put them up against each other, starting a beef! I just don’t understand why when a new female artist hits the scene, we have to make them rivals, instead of encouraging them to team up. Females can be so damn catty!

I believe the last straw for her was everybody talking bad about her “twerking” on the new Hot Girl Summer video with Megan Thee Stallion. People can be so mean, but I just want to say I have always love Nicki Minaj and always will. If you want to start a family boo… DO YOU!!!

Ear Kandy Radio supports you and wishes you nothing but continued success!

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