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Nicki Minaj’s Diss Track ?

Rapper Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated album on August 10 to #AppleMusic and lucky for us, the album, Queen includes a diss track titled, “Barbie Dreams”.

The rapper unapologetically came for over ten other artist including DJ Khaled, Yung Thug, 6ix9ine, Young M.A., 50 Cent, Rae Sremmurd, Drake, Odell Beckham, Mike Tyson, Designer, Kerruche and a few others. Of course it also wouldn’t be a diss track if the rapper didn’t diss her rapper ex, Meek Mill.

Here’s some of what she had to say about these artist:

50 Cent: (instead of wanting to have sex) He wanted to talk about Power for hours.

Kerruche: Make sure she’s okay..she thinks I’m trying to give the pussy to Quavo.

Drake: Didn’t know if the pussy was wet or if he was crying.

Desiigner: Made it out of special Ed.

Meek Mill: Face ass when I fuck him.

Mike Tyson: Biting during sex.

Model Beckham: dancing to Drake.

DJ Khaled: Ain’t no big nigga telling me what he ain’t eatin.

Yung Thug: she caught him in her dressing room stealing her dresses.

6ix9ine: Living in trailer parks.

To listen to the diss track, you can find the newly released album on

>>Click Here*Apple Music – Barbie Dreams
>>Click Here*Spotify Music – Barbie Dreams

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