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Nicki Minaj’s Older Brother Sentenced to 25 years in Prison

Jelani Maraj was convicted in 2017 of repeatedly raping his then, 11 year old step-daughter.

This past October, Maraj appeared in Nassau County court before State Supreme Court Justice, Robert McDonald who scolded him with the reminder that, “She was 11 years old when you did this.”.

The victim testified at the trial that lasted three weeks that her step-father anally raped her and slapped her in her face at their home before telling her to keep quite about the matter.

The 14 year old girl gave her testimony, sharing that this happened multiple times. “He would call me his puppet and told me I had no say in what he did to me.”

She said the first incident took place in April of 2015 in his bedroom. “He told me to take off my pants… He told me to come under the covers with him, and he started to caress my back,” she said. “He took off his boxers…after that, we had sex.”

She also stated that her then 8 year old brother walked in on her being assaulted once and she begged him not to tell their mother. “I was on my forearms on the bed and my pants were pulled down,” she told the courtroom.

Manaj denies all allegations, of course, claiming that these charges came about after his, then wife came after him for $25 million dollars in hush money.

They conducted a genetic test during the trial and did find a “mixture” of DNA, which included that of a man.

The Judge mentioned something to the fact that IF his sister, rapper Nicki Minaj came to testify on his behalf, that a new jury would be set to redetermine the case, but she didn’t appear.

Do you feel like justice was served?

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