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NIKAIA BRICE – She’s Only 14 & Missing From Akron, OH

This is Nikaia Brice of Akron, OH.  She is ONLY 14 years old and she has been missing for almost a week now.  She was last seen on July 13, 2018.  She weighs about 150 pounds and she is 5’3″ and she has blue eyes and brown hair.  She was last seen wearing pink slippers, a blue hoodie and black shorts.  

If you have any information on her whereabouts and you can help get her home safely, please contact the Akron Police Department 33-375-2552.  Please SHARE and use the hashtag #findNikaiaBrice …  It takes a village and we are asking for our whole entire village to please help us get Nikaia home safe!

Anytime I hear about a kid missing, it really breaks my heart.  I was a teen runaway, and it just makes me think back about all the stress I put my parents and my family through for no reason at all!  The thing about this day and age is the people are even crazier, and these kids just don’t understand the dangers of this world.  We pray Nikaia returns home safe, and again.. please share this article.  Her parents and family are worried sick about her, and just know that you can be in trouble if you are hiding her or you know where she is hiding.

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