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Nipsey Hussle: Legend or Nah?

I came across this dope mural of the late, great Nipsey Hussle while on vacation in Atlanta, GA and the caption really got me to thinking about his life, death and how it touched millions of people around the world.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Wack 100 was talking about how Nipsey Hussle wasn’t really a legend. and the music industry and social media went crazy! Many artists (including T.I.) voiced their difference of opinions about Wack 100’s statement on their social media platforms.

What is a legend?? The dictionary defines a legend as an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. Some of the synonyms of a legend are

  • celebrity
  • star
  • superstar
  • icon
  • famous person
  • great
  • genius
  • phenomenon
  • megastar

Thinking about the definition, I would honestly have to say Nipsey Hussle is all that to a tee! But something Wack 100 said that really touched me personally, because I do feel him 100%.

“All these radio stations, all these people is all fake. I can speak on it because I was part of the Nipsey Hussle movement getting him his first multi-million dollar deal… You got a man who died with a million followers and no radio hit and no fucking platinum plaques… So where was all these fans?… He didn’t die an A-list artist. Y’all talking about he’s a legend. If he’s a legend why didn’t y’all treat him like that when he was here?

~Wack 100 says to No Jumper

Personally, I was rocking to Nipsey Hussle prior to his untimely death, but I can’t say the same about a lot of people who have been posting him since he was killed. When I first heard what Wack 100 said about Nip, I have to admit I felt like it was really disrespectful… but upon further thinking, he is right in that regard. You have to give people their “flowers” while they are still living. Just think if Nip really had the fan base & real support of all the people supporting him now, he might have been at a totally different level in life at the time of his death. The succa who killed him may not have even had access to him had he been at that celebrity untouchable level (now I know nobody is really “untouchable”.. but I’m just saying he may have had more security when being out in the public).

So, was Nipsey Hussle really a legend?

In my opinion, Nip was on his was to being legendary. He was really trying to get the hood and our people to see the strength within ourselves, and really trying to help build the black community. His death made him a legend because of the way it touched the hearts of millions of people across the world.

Continue to Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle & YES… This marathon must continue!

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