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Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Is Suing Bootleg Companies For Fake Clothing Sales

As #TheMarathonContinues, Nipsey Hussle’s estate plans to put a stop to all the fake clothing companies bootlegging and diminishing Nipsey’s clothing line.

The late rapper’s brother and head of Nipsey’s estate, Samiel Asghedom, recently filed a lawsuit in Illinois, against several companies the estate believes are behind a bunch of online websites selling fake/ knockoff Marathon-related clothing.

Samiel claims Nipsey’s estate has the rights to multiple registered trademarks (including a “Crenshaw” logo for clothing, a clothing line called “South Central State of Mind” & more) but claims the online sites in question are using the logos & trademarks without permission.

Per TMZ.com, the lawsuit was filed in Illinois federal court, with Nipsey Hussle’s estate saying sales were targeted to residents in that particular state. The estate wants the judge to force sites to hand over domain registrations with either all profits from merch sales or $2 million per infraction.

Nipsey always knew his worth! Remember back in 2014, Nipsey sold his mixtape for $1,000 per copy? Everybody thought he was crazy but he was on to something. Im definitely not surprised his estate is coming after his coins! When buying “The Marathon Continues” clothing, be sure you are actually buying it from his site or clothing store.

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