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Nipsey Mural vandalized by teen

Shocking and disturbing news. This past weekend a video surfaced the internet of a young teen girl vandalizing a Nipsey Mural in Hartford, Connecticut. A person passing by noticed and decided to record the girl in her actions. You can hear the girl recording yelling and telling her to stop and to not spray his face. The young teen who vandalized the late rappers mural is known as Kaitlyn “Kay Kay” Renee as she shouted herself out and told people to follow her on facebook. She tagged Savage Kay, and other demoralizing things on the late and great Nipsey Hussle’s Mural. Although the person recording nor the bystanders did anything about it. You can hear the girl recording telling her not to tag Nipsey’s face.

Kay Savage went on with responding that she”wouldn’t disrespect him like that”. In my own belief she disrespected him the moment she decided to tag his mural with her name and vigor symbols. It’s still not clear as to why she would do something like this. However, based off her comments I am assuming she did this not because of Nipsey but someone else pissed her off and gave her enough courage to do something so distastful. I am not even sure if I could call tagging someones mural who just passed away courage. Just down right disrespectful. This could easily be another clout chaser wanting to get attention. Everyone is outraged by this and not just at Kay Savage but the bystanders who stood around and did nothing but record it. Not only did she violent and disrespect Nipsey, this is a white girl so it looks even worse on the culture and the bystanders were black. Some comments have surfaced saying if she was a black person she would have gotten beat up.

This did happen in Hartford so maybe they don’t react to disrespect the same. I don’t believe a young white girl would have gotten away with defacing a Nipsey Hussle Mural in LA, actions would have taken place expeditiously. Alot of famous people have been prone to getting their mural tags such as Lebron James, Colin Kapnernick but to do this to someone who just passed away and everyone knows the impact his death had on not just the hip hop culture nor the States but the entire world. I hope the girl is caught and charged with vandalizing. I think the bystanders could have did a little more than record but that is the way things are now, we want to record everything and do nothing.

Thankfully Nips Mural was restored within 24 hours of this happening. Someone was able to redo his mural and take off the negative writing placed on his mural, much respect to getting the negativity off so quickly. Nipsey legacy will continue to live on no matter what negative things people may try to do. May his soul sail peacefully in the next realm.  What are y’all thoughts? Should she be charged? Should the bystanders have done something? The link to the video is below check it out and let me know your opinion.

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