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Non-Profits Start-up, and Staying on Track


Thinking of starting a non-profit then this is the blog for you. Our company can help with your 501c3 paperwork and bookkeeping services. The rest is up to you with proper coaching and an effective team. Below are the steps to staring and being successful in the non-profit world.

Step 1: Research the type of non-profit you want to start
Step 2: Draft a mission statement & come up with your non-profit name
Step 3: Write your business plan
Step 4: Develop your board
Step 5: Incorporate your non-profit
Step 6: Apply for your 501c3 (nonprofit status)
Step 7: Register with your state agency
Step 8: Hire an Accountant or Bookkeeper
Step 9: Search for grant money
Step 10: Stay positive & always remember why you started the non-profit


Tune in to our live show for details 

We will cover proper start-up, record keeping, day to day operations, and a effectiveness of a great board.



Gabrielle M. Daniel
Vice President
SOS 1040 Plus, LLC
Ph: 330-836-2100
Text: 330-836-2100



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