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Not all heroes wear capes

Today I want to highlight a few people in Akron who have help others during this crisis. These kind gestures have help many people and we appreciate you!

Tara CEO of Darahs Angels LLC

This is Tara CEO of Darahs Angels LLC. Tara has collected donations From people all around Akron. She ordered 5 sheet pizzas for each hospital Giannino’s donated two of them each time They also donated energy drinks waters and made them a beautiful card. Tara says “she wanted to show them that they are appreciated for working on the front lines because if they were to quit we would all be screwed”.

Darahs Angels LLC
Darahs Angels LLC
Darahs Angels LLC

The next person I wanted to highlight is a male mentor. He goes to different schools and mentors children and teens. Since school is closed he took it upon himself to do lunch’s for kids. He packs lunch’s and delivers them to multiple families. He’s trying to be the change he wants to see in the community.

Emmanuel Youth Mentor

A front line healthcare worker that goes by Kitty works on the front line as a nurse but she also created masks and donated them to front line workers! She’s a activist in her community helping many people. She’s apart of an organization that is always giving back to the community to help. When Puerto Rico has a natural disaster her and her organization donated supplies to many families. Thank you for helping others!

masks by kitty

With children being out of school it’s hard to continue education. Not having the proper material or internet access can limit what you are able to do at home. Autumn Brown created a work book for children. Based on the child’s age and grade she created a learning book to help parents educate their child while at home.

Autumn Brown
Screenshot of autumn’s workbook

Thank you for providing learning materials for children. Last bit not least is someone who is entrepreneur that wears many hats. Chi Chi yayo has created her own masks line! For adults and children. She does drop off in her area and ships them to other states. Most states require people to wear masks while in public and Chi Chi has hand made affordable mask for everyone.

chi chi

I personally want to say thank you to everyone In my article! We always give thanks to front line workers and the deserve it, but it’s other people in the community doing their part as well. During this crisis I see people coming together for the greater good. And I wanted to show appreciate.

To make it fair I made a post on Facebook and allowed people to either tag someone they knew or themselves if they been active in the community to help others! I also seen many people offer to buy essential workers lunch.

Thank you to everyone who has helped in anyway. Let’s keep this energy even when all this is over! Being kind to each other! And Treating people how we want to be treated. Thank you and God bless

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