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Not Only Will Beyonce be on the Cover of Vogue.. She’s Also Calling BOSS Moves!

So, our girl Beyonce is going to be on the cover of the Vogue Magazine for the September 2018 issue.  What’s new huh?  I know…  Beyonce has been on countless covers of magazines (Click here for a FULL LIST of magazines Beyonce appeared)

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.  Not only did Bey land that cover shot… she also is calling the shots regarding who will be the person photographing her.  Yessssss  Bey said that she wants 23 year old Tyler Mitchell (a black, Atlanta artist) to be the one who snaps the shots of her for this cover!  She said that he depicts black people and people of color in a pure way and he also brings an honest gaze to her photos.

What makes this so special is the fact that there has NEVER been a black photographer to snap a cover photo for Vogue Magazine in the 126 years they have been around!  So this is a bitter sweet moment.  Sad that a black person has never had that opportunity, but amazing that Beyonce helped to afford that same opportunity to Tyler Mitchell.  You just have to stay down until you come up… so KUDOS to you Beyonce and Tyler.

Bey is definitely leaving her mark on the world.  Who runs the world… BEY!!!

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