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Nurse admits to swamping over 5,000 babies at birth over a 12 year span!

A Zambian nurse suffering from terminal cancer claims  to have a serious confession. She allegedly have “swamped nearly 5,000 new born babies for fun” according to her from the year 1983 until 1995. She claims to have been a nurse for the maternity ward at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka which is the capital of Zambia.

Elizabeth Mwewa has terminal cancer and confessed to reporters “May God forgive me for my sins I use to swap babies at UTH for fun”! She confessed. “I have terminal cancer and i know i will be dying soon. I wish to confess my sins before God and before all affected people especially those who giving birth at UTH during my service. I have found God , Im now born again. I have nothing to hide in the 1 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH I Swapped close to 5,000 babies. If you were born in UTH between the years 1983 to 1995 chances are your parents may not be your biological parents. I had developed a habit of swapping newly born babies just for fun. So take a good look at your siblings, if for example everyone is light and you are darkie you ar that child and I am really sorry for that. I know I sinned against God and may he forgive me for that. I Am asking Zambians to forgive me for the evil things i was doing to innocent children. I have caused many mothers to breastfeed children who are not theirs biologically. I don’t want to go to Hell for that, I am really sorry i have sinned a lot. Please Forgive me” said Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa.

First of all this disturbed me deeply because who would do it secondly that is like switching a baby a day with no regrets or second thoughts for over 35 years.  I Couldn’t just take her word for it so i did a little more digging. I wanted to see was their any body claiming they were switched and their dna had indeed proved that they were switched at birth! But no one has come forward Yet.  In fact the General nursing Council of Zambia says they never even heard of Elizabeth Mwewa. This last section is just my opinion But you never know if she used an alias or what if she was indeed bold enough to switch babies then she could have used someone else’s identity. I would like one of the babies to come forward or the parents of one of the babies who got a dna test surprise. Then again she could just be mad at the world and making false confession to mess with everyones head before she dies. I’m not sure but i will keep you posted on what i find out as this just came out last Tuesday. In the meantime let me know what you think about this story Hoax or did she truly swamp babies!!! Which one is worse? Tell me in the comments!

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