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NY Police Officer VIOLENTLY Rips Baby Out Of Mother’s Arms

This story truly saddened me!  It’s so sad that we are still having to talk about police brutality this day & age.

A woman had been waiting at the low income benefits building for roughly 4 hours when she decided to sit on the floor with her 1 year old child because she was tired from standing. The police were called by on of the staff members because she was blocking the aisle.  When they got there things escalated quickly!  When you see the video, you will see the police officers trying to restrain her as if she was really a threat!  The saddest part is that you will also see the police trying to VIOLENTLY rip the baby away from the mother’s arms.  Take a look at the video, then let’s talk about it.

I honestly feel like this situation could have been handled a lot better!  For instance, why didn’t the staff member find her somewhere else to sit?  Standing with a baby for 4 hours can get very tiring…  I can only imagine how she was feeling.  Or why didn’t she tell her she was not allowed to sit there?  Somebody could have given up their seat for her and her child.  Maybe they need to add a larger section for their customers to sit.  I just don’t understand how this happened.

I would not want to give my baby over to a police officer who was grabbing on my child like that!  I mean where is the care or the concern for the child by the police officer.  You can hear the mother shouting over and over… “you’re hurting my baby!”  I just feel so bad and I hope justice is truly served in this situation!

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