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NY Police Officers Suspended Without Pay & Facing Charges After Pushing Older Protester

Two Buffalo, New York police officers are under fire after shoving an older gentleman to the ground during a peaceful protest.

The police were out enforcing the new curfew when the older man, Martin Gugino, walked up to the group of police officers. They shoved him so hard, he fell backwards and hit his head on the ground and started bleeding immediately.

Not only did the police officers not help him, but they also kept walking as if nothing happened.

“We had two of our police officers who crossed the line”

“My job is to prosecute those who have violated the law, plain and simple. And I believe, and I’m alleging, that these two officers violated the law”

~ John J. Flynn (District Attorney)

The officers were charged with felony assault. Aaron Torgalski, 39 and Robert McCabe, 32, both plead not guilty and were released on personal recognizance. Take a look at the video below if you have not seen it yet. These officers are disgusting and I am so happy they were suspended without pay!

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