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Odell Beckham Jr. Accused Of Having A Poo Fetish

Odell Beckham, NFL player for the Cleveland Browns, has been accused of having a poop fetish by Chief Keef’s baby’s mother, Celina Powell.

Celina and three other women were on a podcast called No Jumper, and she made some pretty startling accusations about Mr. Odell. She talked about him having a poop fetish and said sent send him some “poop pictures” and that’s how she got flown out.

Celina says Odell likes to be sh*tted on, but she was not able to complete the task because it was “too nasty.”


Do you guys believe what she is saying? Let’s not forget this is the same woman who lied about being pregnant by Offset, accused Trey Songz of inappropriate sexual behavior, tried to say she was having relations with Snoop Dogg, claimed she ate 50 Cent’s groceries… and the list goes on and on!

Odell Beckhan responded to the allegations on his Instagram page…

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