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Off Duty Racist Cop Gets Knocked TF Out

Brooklyn, New York – An off duty cop was knocked out in the Borough Hall subway station after allegedly calling somebody the dreaded “N” word. We always hear people telling police officers to take off their badges, so they can get a one on one fight.

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You don’t see or hear the alleged police officer calling the civilian a “nigger” but the person filming the video says it while he is recording.

Reportedly, the civilian left the scene after the incident, and was only acting in self-defense. I don’t see how police officers (who are racist) are allowed to work in predominantly black neighborhoods. I understand everybody has the right to say what they want… just people also have the right to react how they see fit. Check out the video below & tell me what you guys think.

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4 thoughts on “Off Duty Racist Cop Gets Knocked TF Out

  1. That’s just how it happen because there should be no name calling because we bleed the same color blood and serve the same GOD so I really dont feel sorry for him he will just know better the next time me been a female I would have I knocked his ass off also because that’s not right but they okay with that because they been doing it all there lifes and it really needs to be stopped.

  2. after the name calling the guy still tried to get away from him. He continues to come after him swinging. He had to write to knock him out. notice he did not stomp on him after the threat was done. even out of uniform he should have recognized the guy was trying to get away so he thought he was bad, you see how the badge had him fooled as if he was a tough guy

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