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Offset Beaten & Stripped By Lil Baby’s Crew?!

WOAH!!! There were rumors circulating about Migo’s rapper, Offset and Lil Baby and his crew getting in a fight. Well actually the rumors were about Lil Baby’s crew jumping Offset & stripping him of his clothes! Now a video has emerged online.

Allegedly the beef was over Offset not paying his $50,000 debt from a dice game, and the fight broke out when Lil Baby’s crew ran into him at the Atlanta Hot Spot Compound.

The video isn’t that clear, but you can see a man getting jumped and his clothes being ripped off of him. You can also hear them calling his name.

Lil Baby can also be seen/heard in the video, clearly upset. He asked them what they were doing, because him and Offset were like brothers, as they were very close and even made music together. Shortly after the altercation, Offset unfollowed Lil Baby on Instagram.

Take a look below at the video for yourself.

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